Since the day the iPhone 5 came out, there has been a tonne of speculation about what Apple will do next.

Well now we all know, it doesn’t seem to be such a big deal! I mean I only just realised today that there is even a new iPhone coming out.

The iOS 7 (in my opinion) looks amazing! I cant wait until it is available to us simpletons 😎 the whole look makes me feel like I’ve traveled forward in time and it is now competing with the sleek futuristic look that other companies such as Samsung and Microsoft have already achieved. I’ve just updated the YouTube app, that is clearly updated for iOS 7, and let me tell you it is just as good as what I am expecting iOS 7 to be like and is making me even more excited for the update… who would want to feel like they have a new phone for free??

New Features:

The two prominent new features are two new default application called ‘AirDrop’ and ‘Control Centre’. The conrol centre, to quote apple will be able to “Turn on or off Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb. Lock your screen’s orientation or adjust its brightness. Play, pause or skip a song. Connect to AirPlay-enabled devices. And quickly access your torch, timer, calculator and camera.” You may have noticed there is a new torch option, this is most likely influenced by the amount of people downloaded apps for torches, a lot like when the find my iPhone app became a default app, it as always good to see that Apple is adjusting to suit the customer needs and wants! To access the control centre all you need to do is swipe up on your screen at any time, so you can be on any app, the home screen or even the lock screen and just swipe up to access the control centre.

Airdrop is like a new and updated Bluetooth … Bluetooth? Who remembers that? 😛 So basically for the 21st century kids that have never heard of said ‘Bluetooth’, airdrop is basically a way of sharing photos or other files like messages and videos with someone that is in close proximity to yourself, this is meant to be quicker than sending a text or an email.

The new notifications centre, this is just an updated and easier to use version of that little slide down bar at the top of your phone that you only use to check the weather 😉

The new multi-tasking feature provides an easier view of the apps you have open, when you double tap the home button, so now you can see what apps are actually open (not just ones you used recently like it has been) and then close down the apps youre not using by simply swiping them out of the screen, this is also a good way to save battery.

Apple have also updated the camera, meaning for all you instagrammers sick of cropping photos, you can take square photos on your iPhone camera, the options of which you use to take a picture can be adjusted easily by just swiping to whichever option you desire. Apple have also introduced filters, so they basically just want to make instagram useless ;-). In all seriousness apple have done well yet again in catering to the audiences needs, they have clearly seen the love people have of instagram (me included) and the love people have of taking pictures (again me included).

Staying with the theme of photos, Apple have updated the photo gallery, meaning you can now store you photos, in galleries according to ‘Collections’, ‘Moments’, and ‘Years’, the years gallery is an excellent idea so instead of scrolling all the way down you camera roll to find the picture from Christmas you can just click to the year 2012! Or you could click, on your Christmas collection if you have the patience to go back and sort out all your old photos into collections that is.

The new Safari will see, a new way to view your tabs, a reading list to store your articles in that you are yet to read or want to read over and over again 😉 The new tab view is probably the only thing i am not too keen on however I like the simple swipe to delete a page, hopefully I’m not always swiping to delete on accident however!

iCloud chain is probably one of my favourite updates however may not appeal to many people that are slightly paranoid the whole world is out to steal their passwords and information (like my dad). iCloud can store all your passwords, and credit card details … sounds scary? Don’t worry this is just an option and is entirely up to you if you use it, but keep in mind it is only you who will see any of this, it keeps the passwords stored to your apple ID so any of your trusted devices can see it. There is also a password generator, meaning there is no excuse for tech dinosaurs who use the same password or their eldest child as a password anymore!

The new and updated siri involves my absolute favourite update! You don’t change screens to safari when siri accidentally searches something for you! This doesn’t just apply to when siri accidentally searches of course… but who doesn’t that happen to ??! All the search results are displayed by siri. Siri will also appear on top of whatever you’re doing, I don’t see how this affects anything but hey, it looks good!

The rest of the updates include, Apps being shown according to your age, a better, easier and more secure way of finding your iPhone, so if it is in fact actually just lost and there is a decent human being in the world, your phone will display a message showing the number to call, and you can reactivate your iPhone by simply signing in with your apple ID, and your iPhone is better suited to your car making it safe to call, text and get directions in your car, with eyes and hands free siri technology.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re satissfied with the information 😛 head on over to apple to find out more! The release date is OFFICIALLY said to be in Q3-4 of this year, meaning withing the last quarter, but speculation has been going round that we are set to see it in september… never the less the fact that developers have already got such an updated version can only be a good sign! Please re-blog and follow and stuff if this article was any good it would really help me out! 🙂

Also any advice on how to improve would be welcomed gratefully!


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